April Goals

7:30 AM

Y'all, I am not sure where March went, but it sure went by fast. I can't believe it's been over a month since Brandon first felt the baby kick. It felt like we got a lot accomplished in March, but looking at my goals, I didn't check too many things off.

For the Baby/Nursery:
—Celebrate our son at our first baby shower!
—Decide on fabric for the nursery
—Get prints framed
—Install sconces (they're ordered, but won't ship until the end of May! Trying to be patient)

—Host a fun baby shower for one of my bests
—Start our ladies bible study (I can already tell I am going to cherish this special time with these women!)
—Work out 4 days a week (walks, Barre3 prenatal, and prenatal yoga)
—Have a fun trip to Boston (and relish in the prenatal massage, manicure, and pedicure I have scheduled!) 
—Stick to our budget
—Attend Dave Ramsey's Smart Money Talk on April 27
—Have a date night
—Have a date day
—Have a technology free night

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  1. Hooray for baby boys! I just started going to PP barre (and baby yoga!) with my ten week old son and it's the best. I'm so excited for you :)



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