Marion's Baby Shower

9:11 AM

Yesterday a few friends and I threw a shower to celebrate Marion and her sweet baby boy that's due the end of May. It was a great day spent with friends and I'm so thankful for this community of people that we're both bringing our sons into. 

Katherine makes the best cakes!

Don't say baby! This game was particularly hard because they're keeping the name a secret until he's born so we all refer to the baby as "Baby O." We also asked her husband, Zack 10 questions about Marion's pregnancy and it was so fun to hear all of his very sweet answers.

There was also a special prayer time where we read a prayer that one of our friends who couldn't be there, Emory, wrote. It was so beautiful and I know will be a treasured keepsake. We had planned on letting anyone else pray for Marion, Zack, and the baby that wanted to, but Em's prayer was so all-encompassing that we ended up offering words of what they mean to us. It was such a special time and I love that we always do this at baby showers within our church community.  

A group of us surprised Marion with their carseat. Earlier she had been joking that they could just walk home from the hospital so this was extra fun.

The hostesses with the mom to be!

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