Nursery Update

7:30 AM

After the baby shower this past Saturday, mom came home with us and helped organize the nursery (i.e. did it all while I watched her) and then she and Brandon hung up the prints! I am so thankful she is always so willing to help her children. Until Saturday, walking by the nursery would stress me out because I didn't know where to start. Now we're just waiting on a few finishing touches and we'll be all ready! 

The prints could not have turned out better!

My sweet friend Kiley made the "Charlie" banner

We do not have a shortage of books which we couldn't be happier about!

We're still trying to figure out whether we're going to keep the mirror white or strip it and stain it to its natural wood color. The lamp on the dresser will go once the sconces finally get here and we can get them installed. Other than that, we just need the crib skirt and cornice board! We'll also eventually look for a bookcase to go underneath the Pooh prints, but are happy with the bookcase in the closet for now.

And just a little fun with the carseat.

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