37 Weeks

8:34 AM

Back at 32 weeks

37 weeks + 1 day

How far along:  37 weeks + 1 day

Baby's Size: A wintermelon or head of romaine lettuce! Baby boy is 19-22 inches and weighs about 6.5 lbs.

Wedding Rings (on or off): They're still on! I actually cannot believe it. I most definitely cannot even wear my wedding band when we go on a walk, but I can wear them to work and anything where we're not predominantly outside.

Workouts: Doing SO much better at this! We're getting in numerous hour long walks at night per week and I've also been doing some other stretches. I really think this is why I've been feeling so good.

Nursery: Getting soooo close! All we need is the crib skirt and to make the cornice board! Brandon repainted the mirror this weekend (and did a green accent color to match the mats of the Pooh prints) and we hung it last night!
Maternity Clothes: Making due with what I have. I did buy the dress above last week at Target, but it's not maternity and was only $19.99. Brandon's t-shirts are lifesavers as are my norts rolled down below the bump. Also very grateful that work is being lenient with me on our dress code and letting me wear white jeans during the week!

Sleep: It really depends on the night. I'm getting up to pee at least 3 times a night, but other than that, sleep is as good as one can expect at this point. 

Best Moment: Meeting baby Oliver and learning his name! We are so thrilled for some of our best friends and their precious son. Marion did such an incredible job growing that sweet boy and I can't wait for him and Charlie to be best friends from the start.
Movement: Pretty consistently. It's still the most miraculous thing every time it happens. He's definitely rolling/stretching more than actual kicks at this point. I love just watching my belly and seeing him roll around. Getting so excited to see him move in our arms!

Food Cravings: Fruit, chocolate, and cereal. I could pretty much live on those three food groups but since they all have lots of sugar and no protein, I'm obviously not doing that.

Symptoms: The acid reflux has gotten better. I'm having some slight swelling and am starting to slow down, but I've been very fortunate with how smoothly this half of pregnancy has been. Nesting is also kicking into full gear and I'm feeling the need to clean out and organize everything. We did a pretty major clean this weekend and I'm feel like we're in a really good place with the house. Now we just need to get our hospital bags packed and we'll be ready to go!

Baby Goodies Acquired: We're pretty set at this point! People have poured out so much love over us this entire pregnancy and we are truly humbled by their generosity.

And a picture of our favorite pup just because he's just so cute. He always does this leg stretch when he gets off of chairs. We have set some boundaries with him and don't let him on the sofa and he's doing great with it. The only time he really didn't want to listen to this rule was when I was napping on the sofa and he just wanted to cuddle.

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  1. getting so close!! how exciting!! and i, too, have worn my wedding rings through both of my babies, thankfully. :)



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