June Goals

7:30 AM

I can't believe we've reached the month before baby! Unless our precious son is early, then in which case he will be joining his daddy and me as a June baby. Up until this point, June has been my favorite month. Middle of the year, gorgeous weather, birthdays galore, and our anniversary. I have a feeling that whether it's June or July, whatever month our boy is born will be my new favorite.

Baby Prep:
 Finish all final details for the nursery (Mom and I put the crib skirt on the bed the afternoon before I had Charlie and her and Brandon did the cornice board a few days after we came home)
 Install the carseat base in both of our cars and have them checked
 Purchase any remaining needed items
 Pack our hospital bags! (We did this right before we left for the hospital)

 Exercise for 30 minutes every day (I don't think I exercised every day, but I did pretty well!)
 Celebrate Brandon's 30th birthday (on the 24th)! (Just hours before I gave birth!)
 Celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary! I'm planning on using the Death & Taxes gift card we've been saving  -- With a 5-day old, we just got takeout from Cowfish.
 Deep clean our house (especially now that Fin is shedding everywhere)
 Clean out Brandon's car  (Feeling so much better about life with two clean cars!)
 Have both of our cars washed and vacuumed
 Outdoor movie at NCMA
 Rest and Relax!

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