Charlie at 2 Months

7:30 AM

Two months old! And finally starting to fit into some of your cute outfits. I couldn't find your 2-month sticker and we were in Jamestown visiting Gibby, so this month we just too photos on Gibby's bed. You were so squirmy and it was just so much fun to see you wiggling and giggling all over the place!

Charlie's hair is getting lighter by the day. It started out pretty dark, but it's already a light brown and his roots are turning blonde. His eye are also getting so blue and I can't wait to see what shade they wind up. 

Charlie is ... 22" long (according to his checkup — when we measured him he was 23") and weighs 11 lbs. 12.4 oz. 

Charlie loves ... being held, being rocked, having his bottom and/or back patted, making smiley faces, looking at faces, baths, and his activity mat

Charlie does not love ... Being put down, taking naps (he fights them daily!), and being hot. That's about it though. As long as he's being held and moving, he's a happy baby. 

Charlie sort of loves ... his paci (we're working on this), the car (as long as we're moving - he does not like when we have to stop at all) 

Charlie wears ... Size 0-3 clothes and size small gowns. He has a few 3-6 month onesies that we put him in because they're so cute but they're big on him. He's outgrown most of his newborn clothes which makes this mama heart sad - but so happy he's growing and healthy!

Charlie eats ... all the time. During the day he'll sometimes go for longer stretches but mainly eats every 2-3 hours, erring on the 2 hour side of things. I'm exclusively breastfeeding, but we're slowly introducing a bottle to get him ready for daycare. 

Charlie sleeps ... pretty great at night. We put him down at 9 and we'll get anywhere from a 5.5-7 hour stretch. After that he'll only sleep for 2-3 hours but we can normally get him back down after that. 

It has been so fun to see Charlie become so smiley and responsive these past few weeks. 
Charlie met lots of family and friends this month including most of my family on my dad's side and most of my best friends from high school. He also attended a post-wedding brunch for our friends, Cullen and Drew.

Charlie had his first visit to the pool with some of our friends. He absolutely loved it. He got so snugly next to me and was so content when we dipped him further into the water. We got him wet to his waist. He quickly fell asleep. 

Charlie also had his first beach trip this month! I just dipped his feet in the ocean water and he seemed to like it. He was happy on the beach for short periods of time under the shade and in the evening when it was much cooler. My aunt and a few cousins were also down with my mom and I and it was so much fun getting to spend so much time together. It was also wonderful having my mom and aunt for all their help!

Charlie's tummy was pretty sensitive so I gave up dairy to see if that will help. We've also been giving him gripe water, probiotic drops, and a lactase enzyme drop.

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