Charlie at 3 Months

9:15 AM

I cannot believe you are already 3 months old! You are no longer our tiny prince, just our precious prince. You love to eat! We had so many fun adventures together including weathering Hurricane Hermine while at OIB. You have become the most smiley baby and it brings us so much joy. Our absolute favorite is when you wrap your arms around us or hold on when we're rocking you. This month also saw my return to work. It's so hard leaving you every day, but I know that it will help me to savor every moment we have together. I know you will do wonderful and your social personality with thrive at daycare. It's my mama heart that will struggle the most. We could not love you more if we tried sweet boy, but never forget who loves you the most.

I can now understand why mamas always post dozens of what is seemingly the same picture of their babes. Even the slightest variation is so cute!
Charlie is ... in size 2 diapers now! We won't know his exact weight or height measurements until his 4 month checkup. 

Charlie loves ... being held and worn, nursing, going on walks, playing on his activity mat, faces, and sucking on his hand.
Charlie does not love ... the ergo (hoping it's just the infant insert. we've lovingly nicknamed it the nergo), being put down to sleep (he much prefers being held), and stopping when we're in the car (if we're moving, he's happy) 

Charlie wears ... a few 0-3 and 3-6 month size clothes. He is quickly outgrowing the 0-3 sizes that he hasn't already grown. These are our favorite onesies - especially after we monogram the small pocket!

Charlie eats ... about every 2.5 hours. He nurses at least once in the morning before I leave for work (depending on what time he gets up, sometimes I feed him again before I leave). He'll take 3-4 3 oz. bottles while I'm at work and then I'll nurse him when I get home and then before bed.

I also figured out that his tummy issues was not dairy related, but a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance (and just on the right side). I'm working on fixing that issue, but am happy to be able to eat small amounts of dairy again.

Charlie sleeps ... pretty well. He's had a bit of a "regression" and is waking up once in the middle of the night - usually around 4. He goes right back down after he eats though and sleeps for about 4 more hours -- sometimes he'll sleep until 9:30/10 though!

Charlie's adventures...
This month we went to the beach, went to our first two missional communities of the year, visited his great grandmother, Mama, saw mommy go back to work, and attended his first NC State football game! It was a busy month, but made so much sweeter with our precious boy in our arms.

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  1. What a handsome young man! I am right there with you on daycare (or school, as we call it :)). At almost 9 months, June completely adores her teachers, and I know Charlie will, too! Though I miss her during the day, there is something sweet about the opportunity to give her undivided attention from 4-8 on week days. She clearly loves it, and if I was home with her all day, I'll bet my focus would be more divided; I've seen that be really hard and frustrating and guilt-inducing for stay at home mama friends.

    Also, on the Ergo - June went from loving the Ergo to hating it, and it was indeed the infant insert that was the problem! Once we took it out (a little earlier than recommended), she went back to loving it :)



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