october goals

9:11 AM

After a wonderful three months of soaking up our sweet Charlie and not living on a routine, It has been nice, albeit tiring, to be back in a routine. I am already missing our days together so much, but I think that even if I was staying home with him, it would be time to implement a more strict daily schedule. Brandon and I both do so much better when we have a consistent routine and find it easier to add fun things in when we know the basic structure of our days. I love fall and am looking forward to doing lots of family activities  even if Charlie isn't old enough to appreciate them yet.

October goals:
Adjust to our new morning and daily rhythm
Meal plan at the beginning of every week
Stick to our budget and track in the Every Dollar app
Go on a family walk three nights a week
Carve a pumpkin or two
Attend our birth class Halloween party
Trick or treating with Charlie (just to see a few good friends)
Plan Charlie's baptism and lunch
Go for a family hike (Finley too!) at Umstead
Visit a pumpkin patch

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