notes from september | 2016

4:19 PM

Ready for the first football game // Beach walks // Beach cuddles with dad // Family lunch date // Beautiful post-hurricane sunset // Having our fingernails cut by Gibby for the millionth time // sleeping in the sweetest positions // our new sleep BFF, the merlin
Practicing taking a bottle // Activity mat time with dad // Meeting our friends new son // Soaking up the last of our morning walks while on maternity leave // Tummy time on the boppy // Visits with our Mama // Charlie's first football game
Successfully wearing his game day headphones // Sleeping though the first half // Still not too sure about them or the game // Looking adorable in his new train bubble // Snuggles with mommy after his first day at school // Sucking on that sweet thumb // C's cool backpack (they give a backpack filled with school supplies with every purchase) // Not so sure about these early mornings // Worn out from a long day of playing and learning at schools
Finished the last of my placenta pills // Had a fun night out with Brandon at the Pavilion // Charlie is now doing 360*s in his crib // Exhausted on Friday after his first week at daycare // Fun cake at Meredith & Kevin's gender reveal party // Our fam at the party // Meredith getting in some good Charlie snuggles // C grabbing and holding onto his toys // Fun new orange bow for fall

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