10 months

10:42 AM

How are we already into double digit months?! Whoever said, "babies don't keep" knew what they were talking about. Lately when I put Charlie down for the night I've been nursing him quickly and putting him down so I can get to the million other things to prepare for the next day and eat dinner with Brandon. Last night, Brandon was working late, so I just rocked and rocked my baby. It was such a special time and something I plan on doing much more often. If there's anything the past 10 months have taught me is that time is not slowing down and, if anything, is speeding up by the day.


Oh sweet boy, what a gift life with you is! If I had to pick one work to describe you, it would be JOY! 

You are growing so much, especially now that you're eating all day, every day. I'm pretty sure you've gained at least a pound since your 9 month check up. We think you've broken the 20 lb mark, but we don't trust our bathroom scale, so we aren't sure of your exact weight. 

Your schedule:

6:30 - 7:00 Daddy gets you up in the morning and y'all have special play time together. You also take your probiotic in the morning (you LOVE this!) You also love when Daddy sings along to your Sit to Stand (and mommy loves listening to the two of you!)

7:15  I nurse you after I take a shower and we have some time before you head to school with Daddy between 7:45-7:55

8:30 First meal of the day at school - one scrambled egg and a waffle

9:30 120 ml bottle

12:00 120 ml bottle

1:00 Lunch time - we vary what we pack, but it's normally some variation of a vegetable, fruit, and a protein/fat (cheese, black beans, turkey burger)

2:30 Snack time - you've been eating a yogurt

3:30 120 ml bottle

5:10 Mommy picks you up from school and we head home. You normally nurse when we get home, but if we have an errand to run, I just go ahead and fix your dinner. 

6:00-7:00 You eat dinner, we have some extra play time, give you a bath (every 2-3 nights) -- still in the kitchen sink, and then get ready for bed. We rub thieves and lavender on the bottom of your feet. I nurse you and then put you down with your paci. You roll over and go right to sleep. Lately when I go to check on you, you are on your tummy with your bottom in the air. It is the cutest thing ever. 

Napping - At school, this is so sporadic. It's a good day if you take two hour long naps, but that is rare. When you're home, you are a much better napper. I also tend to nurse you more throughout the day when we're together. 


You are in size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 at night. We're going to switch you over to all size 4 once your current ones run out. You are in 9-12 month/12 month clothes (12-18 Beaufort Bonnet jon jons, but they run small). Everything but your pants fit perfectly in those sizes. You are in size 2 shoes. 


At your 9 month check up, the best pediatrician in the world gave us the okay to start giving you more food at a quicker pace so we started baby led weaning. You are eating anything and everything we give you with the one exception of broccoli. You are not a fan no matter how many times we give it to you. 

Some things you have tried include: all the vegetables (you love sweet potatoes, beets, zucchini, and carrots in particular), avocado, apples, bananas (you try to shove an entire half in your mouth at once), strawberries, eggs, yogurt, sharp cheddar cheese, turkey burger, black beans, lasagna, spinach cakes, and waffles


You are starting to army crawl and have pulled up to a regular crawl a few times. You much prefer to hold our hands and "walk" with support. You are starting to take more steps when we hold your hands. You are pulling up on anything you can and even moved from one coffee table cube to the next the other day. 

You are also becoming so chatty and your smiles light up our world. You are so pleased with yourself and love when we clap and say "Yay Charlie!" You always clap back. We're still working on waving when we say bye bye. You are very stingy with those kisses but you let mama steal some! You are getting to be so ticklish and those belly laughs are the sweetest sound. 

You still have ZERO teeth! 

Your favorites:
(Besides Mommy, Daddy, and Finley) 

car keys (similar)
Jelly Cat Teddy & Puppy
Finley's balls


Traveled to Denver and back, started baby led weaning (bye bye purees!), met baby Elizabeth, visited Mama, celebrated Jesus' resurrection, Easter Egg hunt at school, transitioned to your convertible car seat, had your composite photos taken with DuBose Photography, and all-in-all, brought joy to everyone who you came across. 

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