Charlie at 8 (1/2) Months

9:54 AM

Hi, mama slacker here! I just cannot seem to get my act together with these monthly posts. Our precious blonde baby is getting so big and wiggling all over the place! Luckily I've been {mostly} keeping up with his baby book so all memories are not completely lost.

Charlie is... growing like a week. We still won't know his official stats until the end of this month, but he is feeling much heavier and getting so long. Boy has some big feet too!

Charlie loves...mama, snuggling, petting Finley, eating, his hevea pacifier, pretty much all the things. He is one happy boy!

Charlie does not love... honestly, the only thing he really doesn't love is going to bed past his bedtime and me not holding him at bedtime.

Charlie wears...6-9 and some 9-12 month clothes. He can still wear some large running bubbles that are 6 months, but can also fit into some 9 and 12 month bubbles. Baby sizing is all over the place!

Charlie eats... all the time. During the week he nurses in the morning, when we get home from school/work, and before bed. He also takes 3 120 ml bottles and eats at least twice a day. It takes him a few days to warm up to new things, but he's doing great. He's still not a fan of chicken. I think oatmeal with banana flavor is his favorite currently. 

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