Easter Weekend 2017

9:43 AM

We enjoyed a nice Easter weekend in town this year. Ever since we started going to Church on Morgan, it's important to us to be at our home church to celebrate such a special day. 

We kicked off the weekend with Charlie's first ever Easter egg hunt that his school put on. Charlie will normally grab anything off the floor if he's near it, but he had no interest in picking up the eggs off the ground. He did, however, try to put the entire thing in his mouth after handed him one.

Tuckered out. He took a great nap when we got home!

Brandon's parents came up Friday for a visit and we spent Saturday just the three of us. On Saturday we decided to switch Charlie over to his convertible car seat. He got both seats as Christmas gifts and we finally decided he was ready. {As an aside, I didn't realize that Friday would be his last time riding in his infant seat and it made me a little sad!} He seems to really like his new seat. I've heard from numerous people that the straps are hard to tighten, and while they are, we still love this car seat and will just use a little bit of arm strength to make sure he's in there nice and safe.

Sunday we ushered at church and were thrilled to have mom, Dale, and Ry join us before brunch at Mandolin. 
Church on Morgan's First (and hopefully annual) Doughnut Wall - 30 Dozen!

We didn't do Charlie's Easter basket until later in the afternoon, but he seems to really like his new firetruck. However, he is not thrilled about us trying to switch him to an orthodontic pacifier. Pretty much everything in his basket I would have gotten him anyways, so I just saved it up to put in his basket. When I saw Jan Brett had an Easter book, I had to get it. Those were always our favorite when we were little. Her illustrations are gorgeous.
Of course I didn't get an actual picture of Charlie with his Easter basket.

Playing with his new toy from his Mema and Poppa

This little boy did not want to go to bed. He didn't nap well on Easter and was over tired which for Charlie, means he is going to fight sleep. Luckily last night we were back to our regular routine and he slept for his usual 12 hours.

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